UI/UX Design, App Icon Design

Easy Tiger Apps is a company from Brooklyn, New York focusing on innovating and fresh photo & video apps. They contacted me to help them design a totally new photo & video experience for mobile devices. I also helped them redesign their popular Split Pic app, an iOS icon for a text-blending app called Font Candy and create a beautiful time-lapse & stop-motion app called Moments.

I was responsible for the conception, user experience and visual design. The goal was to create a simple and easy to use user experience with modern visual design.


The challenge was to create something that is simple, easy to use and still looks great on a mobile device. Users should be able to see their blend outcome, controls and the blending content at the same.


Fused was featured on the main page of the US App Store as the best new app. Users love it and it is currently rated with a 4.5 stars with more than 4500 ratings.

UI Presentation

Fused is an intuitive photo & video app that let’s you blend videos, photos or a combination of both. With it you can easily create double exposure photos or unleash creativity by creating unique blends by adding filters to photos or videos.

  • Splash Screen

    Splash screen is simple and minimalistic. It conveys the simplicity of the app itself.

    Fused Splash Screen Design
  • Main Dashboard

    There is a big preview at the top where user can see how their blended outcome will look like. At the very bottom of the screen there is a foreground and a background image or video which of you’re blending. Between the content and a preview there is a dashboard with the controls. In case of a video you get a play/pause button at the top.

    Fused Main Dashboard Screen Design
  • Blending Modes

    Easy to navigate through the different blending modes. A slider controls the transparency balance between the foreground and background photo or video.

    Fused Blending Modes Screen Design
  • Adjust Panel

    Adjust panel lets you change the contrast, exposure and saturation of your photo. In case of a video a volume button appears.

    Fused Adjust Panel Screen Design
  • Masking Panel

    You can mask out the part’s of foreground image or video. There are three different mask sizes that which let’s you choose hardness and softness of the brush.

    Fused Masking Panel Screen Design
  • Arrange Panel

    Arrange, flip or rotate images. There is also a trim function when blending video.

    Fused Arrange Panel Screen Design
  • Share Screen

    A simple share screen that lets you share your creation to all the popular social networks.

    Fused Share Screen Design