UI/UX Design, App Icon Design

Easy Tiger Apps is a company from Brooklyn, New York focusing on innovating and fresh photo & video apps. They contacted me to help them design a beautiful stop-motion and time-lapse mobile experience. I also helped them redesign their popular Split Pic app, an iOS icon for a text-blending app called Font Candy and create an intuitive photo & video blending app called Fused.

I was responsible for the conception, user experience and visual design. The goal was to create a simple app that helps you capture moments as easy and fast as possible.


There are a lot of apps out there that allows you to capture moments but there are not so many apps that are fun and easy to use.


Moments app was featured on the main page of the US App Store as the best new app.

Moments Application Icon Design Screenshot

UI Presentation

Moments is an app that will help you create beautiful time-lapse and stop-motion movies. You can add text, music and filters to create a professional touches to your videos.

  • Splash Screen

    The splash screen is simple. It conveys the video which is also the main feature of the app.

    Moments Splash Screen Design
  • Camera

    Starting to capture the time-lapse or stop-motion movies is as simple as point and shoot. There are some additional options that will help you capture the perfect moment.

    Moments Camera Screen Design
  • Main Dashboard

    When you’re done with capturing the video you go to the main dashboard where you can add text, music or other creative elements.

    Moments Main Dashboard Screen Design
  • Adjustments Panel

    Here you can change the frame rate, enable looping or make the movie fit for Instagram will basically limit the movies up to 15 seconds.

    Moments Adjustments Screen Design
  • Filters

    You can add a various filters to the videos to make them look more professional.

    Moments Filters Screen Design
  • Frames

    Frames lets you unleash your creativity and uniqueness of your videos.

    Moments Frames Screen Design
  • Text Panel

    Adding a text to your videos is really easy and it comes with a lot of functions. You are able to change text alignment, font style, color and text shadow.

    Moments Text Panel Screen Design
  • Share Screen

    After you’re done you can save the image to camera roll or share it on a various social networks.

    Moments Share Screen Design