Safer Child

UI/UX Design

Mobile2dS is a company from Teharje, Slovenia focusing on mobile and web solutions. They contacted me to help them design a mobile app that will let parents know if their kid came to school safely.

I was responsible for the user experience and visual design. The goal was to create a beautiful and simple to use mobile application.


A lot of times parents are concerned where their children are. Safer Child solves this problem by letting the children check in at certain time on the predefined location.


The app is currently in a stage of searching for a funding for development stage.

UI Presentation

Safer Child is an innovative app that uses a beacon technology to help parents know if their child came to school safely. You can add a custom time and locations where the child needs to check in.

  • Splash Screen

    The splash screen is clean and minimalistic.

    Safer Child Splash Screen Design
  • Children List

    It is really easy to add your children. You can see their status and who forgot to check in which fires the panic mode.

    Safer Child Children List Screen Design
  • Child Detail

    Here you can see more information about your children's status like where was the last location and time that he or she checked in. Also there’s a map for visual representation.

    Safer Child Detail Screen Design
  • Places

    This is a list of all the locations you have saved for a certain child. There are two categories, outdoor and indoor.

    Safer Child Places Screen Design
  • Create Check-In

    If you’re creating an indoor location you are first asked to select the beacon that is connected to that particular location.

    Safer Child Create Check-In Screen Design
  • Check-In Form

    Simple form where you specify your location’s name and times that your child has to check in at. If you’re creating an outdoor location you can tap on a button that will automatically find your current location.

    Safer Child Check-In Form Screen Design
  • Select Check-In Time

    Selecting a time and a day when a child needs to check in is easy.

    Safer Child Select Check-In Time Screen Design
  • Activity

    Activity provides you all the info about where and when your child has been checking in.

    Safer Child Activity Screen Design
  • Panic Map

    If your child missed a check in the panic mode fires which starts to track your child’s phone. There’s also a map where you can immediately see where was your child recently.

    Safer Child Panic Map Screen Design
  • Settings

    There are not so many features in the settings. You can change your password or turn the auto panic mode to on/off. In children’s settings you can change their pictures.

    Safer Child Settings Design