Split Pic

UI/UX Design, App Icon Design

Easy Tiger Apps is a company from Brooklyn, New York focusing on innovating and fresh photo & video apps. They contacted me to redesign their popular Split Pic app. I also helped them design an intuitive photo & video blending app called Fused, a beautiful time-lapse/stop-motion app called Moments and an iOS icon for a text-blending app called Font Candy.

I was responsible for user experience and visual design. The old design wasn’t optimized for iOS7+ so the goal was to make it more clean and simple to use.


The app itself is really complex with a a lot of different features. The flow had to be simplified without compromising on the functionality.


Split Pic was featured on the main page of the US App Store as the best new app. There was a lot of positive feedback from the users. It is currently rated with a 4.5 stars with more than 85 thousand ratings and over 30 million users.

Split Pic Application Icon Design Screenshot

UI Presentation

Split Pic divides your camera into multiple sections. There are a variety of different layouts for you to choose from which you can then blend together to create a unique and stunning images.

  • Splash Screen

    Splash screen is simple and playful. It conveys the creativity you are able to unleash with the app.

    Split Pic Splash Screen Design
  • Main Dashboard

    The first thing you are asked when launching an app is to select the layout which will then divide the camera. After that you get on the main dashboard screen.

    Split Pic Main Dashboard Screen Design
  • Image Blending

    There is a big slider where you can blend the edges of the overlapping images.

    Split Pic Image Blending Screen Design
  • Color Adjust

    With this panel you will be able to adjust the color of the image by changing the contrast, brightness, exposure, saturation or by adding blur to the picture.

    Split Pic Color Adjust Screen Design
  • Image Adjust

    Arranging the image is really simple. Just by tapping on the image you will get this panel where you can rotate, flip or capture/import a new one.

    Split Pic Image Adjust Screen Design
  • Filters

    A variety of filters that you can select. Tapping on a filter will select it then if you tap again to adjust the transparency of the filter.

    Split Pic Filters Screen Design
  • Image Ratio

    You can easily choose from three different image ratios.

    Split Pic Image Ratio Screen Design
  • Share

    After you’re done you can save the image to camera roll or share it on a various social networks.

    Split Pic Share Screen Design