Get to know me

Hey, I'm Marko

This is my story

My passion for creativity sparked in early years of my childhood. My first contact with the computer was in a third grade where we played with clip art. I was totally blown away by the possibilities and freedom that came with it. I was immediately hooked.

My excitement for design and genuine need to help other people can be found at the core of my personality. I’ve created a platform called Sketch Tricks where I teach people how to use Sketch to design web and mobile user interfaces more effectively. I’m also an organizer of Sketch & Design meetups in Ljubljana.

I enjoy learning new things that’s why I’m always on the lookout for new books and podcasts. Continuing education has allowed me to stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional work

With over six years of professional design experience, I spent the better part of last four specializing in mobile UI/UX design. Apple featured five of the products I was responsible for in the last two years.

Recently I’ve co-founded a digital design agency called Collisio focusing on providing top-notch services design services to startups and established med-to-hi businesses.

Oh and one more thing, I’m obsessed with skateboarding.

Skateboarding in Los Angeles