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    Let’s face it, we are broken

    The world is broken. We don’t feel well. We know something is wrong, but we can’t put our finger on it.

    We live in a toxic culture where chronic illness is eating us alive. A society full of zombies glued to the screens. Our technological tools are gradually swallowing up our immediate world. We are turning into mindless consumers, isolated from both ourselves and our environment.

    We live in a highly traumatized society where consumerism has become a coping mechanism. We have learned to tune out from our environment to adjust to stressful events. Our first reaction to pain, fear, and anxiety is to escape. Escape into a state of denial or unconsciousness.

    We have become alienated. Alienated from nature, alienated from other people, alienated from work, and most importantly, alienated from ourselves.

    Let’s face it, sometimes life can hit you hard. You feel stuck, exhausted, and unable to cope with your struggles.

    Does this sound familiar?

    It’s hard being human. We all have pain we’ve carried for years — trauma we’re ashamed of or regrets which haunt our everyday lives. We put on a mask of happiness so others don’t see our pain.

    If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been stuck for a while and maybe even feel as if there’s no way out. Whatever makes you unhappy or unfulfilled, I’m here to tell you I know exactly how it feels because I’ve been there myself.

    I created Interlinked newsletter for people like you – people who struggle to make sense of this crazy world.

    Many people spend their entire lives unhappy, unfulfilled, and never feel the joy that comes from a meaningful, powerful life.

    Everyone knows that feeling of being lost. It’s like you have no idea what to do. Perhaps it’s time you stopped worrying about the past and started to live for the present.

    If you feel out of touch with life, uninspired in your work, and uncomfortable in your own skin I invite you to sign up for Interlinked newsletter and receive guidance wisdom from spirituality, psychology and the latest science on how to live with purpose.

    You will receive a sequence of ideas and practices that will guide you to having a purpose-driven life. You will gain clarity, power, confidence, and the courage to live an extraordinary life. We all are capable of this.

    Open up your curiosity and let me inspire you with ideas worth exploring.

    You don’t have to be a victim of your past

    It’s time to wake up and remove your blinders. Interlinked newsletter will help you gain the power to rise above your past baggage.

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