What I do

I help tech companies stand out above the noise by creating meaningful experiences, seamless interactions and effective design that converts.

User Experience Design

Good design starts with research. To form a viable business strategy we have to understand people’s needs. Through Design Thinking process I can help you identify those needs, develop insights and define the real problem that you’re trying to solve for your users. A prototype-driven process allows me to validate ideas and concepts that eliminate assumption-based design decisions.

User Experience Design
Interaction Design

Interaction Design

Good design is intuitive. With clear information architecture, I make sure users can access the right content at the right time. Through user flows and comprehensive usability tests, I create delightful interactions that are easy to use. By keeping design patterns in mind, I make a product straightforward so that users can produce the intended result and navigate through the product efficiently.

User Interface Design

Good design is invisible. Company’s personality and values are carefully crafted into every element. A goal-driven approach allows me to create stunning interfaces that bring results. I provide design systems to ensure that anyone can apply your brand assets correctly and consistently.

Interface and Visual Design

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